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Right now our experienced state registered osteopaths are getting people back on their feet.

Hollie Barter - Osteopath

Hollie qualified with a Masters degree with distinction from the British School of Osteopathy, where she was awarded the Prize for Clinical Excellence. 

Prior to osteopathy she studied for a degree in physiology, which fuelled her interest in the complex workings of the body.  She has undergone postgraduate training in cranial osteopathy and paediatrics, and has a special interest in headaches and jaw problems. 

Hollie takes care in understanding how you have come to experience your individual problem, and provides tailored advice to help you get back to your best.



Ed Bateman - Osteopath

Edward graduated from the BSO and also holds an ITEC diploma in sports massage and is a qualified level 3 Pilates mat work instructor. He utilises these additional skills from his 'osteopathic tool belt' to create a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program for his patients, aiding them in their recovery.

Edward is a strong structural osteopath who incorporates elements of manipulation, muscle energy, soft tissue, strain counter strain and visceral techniques when appropriate. Before turning to osteopathy Edward worked in hospitality and corporate IT and as such has experience in the stresses and strains that can be acquired in modern working environments. 

Edward is interested in office workers and associated work stress issues, postural demands placed on the body, long term chronic degenerative conditions, and how movement and exercise can be beneficial to help individuals in their return to health.



Mardi Jamieson - Osteopath

Mardi qualified as an osteopath in 1994 and has extensive experience of working in very different practices around the country. She opened her first osteopathic clinic, Back Pain Clinic: Brixton, in 1999, which became Brixton Therapy Centre in 2002, extending the range of complementary therapies offered. Back Pain Clinic: Greenwich was opened in 2012.

Mardi is dedicated to drug-free pain relief; getting to the cause of the problem rather than masking the symptoms. So, rather than handing out pain killers Mardi will work to realign the muscles, joints and nerves as well as giving her clients advice and guidance on ways of achieving and maintaining health and fitness. Mardi's clinics are holistic in nature, meaning that the clients are treated as people with lives and families, not just as a presentation of symptoms.

Mardi says; "The range of muscle and joint problems is as wide as the human skeleton itself. Don't make the mistake of ignoring your symptoms. They don't like it and can have a habit of returning with a vengeance."